My Ladies, P2

Holidays and Internet problems and settling into a new village has created a bit of a back-log in my blogging. You'd think I was still in Morocco! So, back to the story of my ladies. Their workspace was modest - just a few chairs, a table, and  some aprons they'd made hanging on the wall. The first day I arrived, two women sat quietly crocheting. Little did I know the boisterous, humming, delightful space that would soon become.

We talked about a craft fair coming up and decided to participate. Our first major obstacle was their product selection. They only new how to make products that appealed to village women - dresses, children's clothing, aprons, bath accessories. I taught them how to make these simple beaded necklace. It was low-cost and low-risk, so a good place to start. I also hoped they'd be interested in making some garments. We updated a traditional Berber dress - something they already knew how to do - into something that would work well as a summer dress, top, or beach cover-up for Western women.

I loved these conversations about clothing. They became a way to share my culture with the women and learn more about theirs. I can't tell you how many times I said, "Walu brillance!" (Trans: "No sparkles!") Within a few weeks, their first prototypes were completed, and we hit the ground running.

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  1. I still love this fabric! It is one of my favorites.